OMGolf / Fiesta Dunes Golf Club

(SCGA Approved Associate Member Club)

Our goal is simply to provide a place where our golfers can establish their very own handicap. The cost is being kept extremely low to make this your first choice for handicapping. Of the $50 fee, $33 goes to SCGA. We welcome any OMBAC member, a POA member or a friend with one sponsor. Join the FIESTA DUNES GOLF CLUB for members, family and friends of OMBAC or Friends of Current Duners

  • Automatically become a Member of the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA)
  • Have a legit United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap good for any tournament anywhere
  • Turn Your Scores in at Any Golf Course in the United States or do it online at home.
  • Fiesta Dunes is a fully authorized Golf Handicapper & Information Network (GHIN) member. Your handicap is good anywhere in the USA!


$50 for a new member or a dual member of another golf club. Contact FDGC President or Secretary for a membership form.


FDGC Members can submit or check scores online at the SCGA website

Officers of FDGC

Ed Martin


3131 Vickie Drive San Diego, CA 92109

Ned Huntington

Secretary/Handicapper/Knows All – Sees All

2668 Bayside Walk San Diego, CA 92109

LD Martin

Competition Supervisor

2131 Packard Place El Cajon, CA 92019

Jim Thomas

Chief of Scoring

116 F Street ChulaVista, CA

Steve “Lips”Margetts

Course Selection Supervisor


Kevin “The Kid” Pike

Handicapper of the Future


Wait’ll you see our sand traps!