Ms. Emerson Contest

Every summer, on the first Sunday of the Over The Line tournament,

OMBAC stages a beach attire contest.  The winner of the contest is crowned “Ms. Emerson”.  A newly crowned Ms. Emerson is a symbol of the Over The Line tournament and in addition to winning contest prizes she is adopted for one year by OMBAC as a little sister.  Ms. Emerson represents OMBAC to the public at events and is invited to private OMBAC functions.

The Ms. Emerson contest is a long standing tradition with Old Mission Beach Athletic Club and the Over The Line tournament and every year at the contest we have past Ms. Emerson winners that attend for nostalgia and to see who will be the next Ms. Emerson to be crowned.

The Ms. Emerson contest is a legitimate beach attire contest and does not involve or tolerate any lewd or inappropriate behavior from contestants, staff or tournament attendees.

Ms. Emerson Court of 2018, Miss Emerson Molly Grimes and Runners-up Fathom Neft and Michelle Tricarico

Yeah, they’re not having any fun being Emerson’s…nope, no fun at all.