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Junior Over-The-Line® is a 3 player softball type game played on sand. The play area is marked out using rope which is staked into the ground in a triangle pattern. Each team pitches to its own players. You must hit a softball type ball Over-The-Line to effect a hit. After 3 hits you have a run. There is no running of bases.

The natural progression of any sport is to develop a strong youth base. This assures that a sport will continue. In the last ten years we have seen tremendous growth in Junior OTL participation. The kids were asking to become more involved. As a result, in the last several years there are now 5 to 6 events each year (prior to that time there was only 1 or 2 events held each year). Each event stands alone. In that manner the players can take part in the whole series or just one tournament. The number of teams now entered in recent tournaments has grown to nearly 200 teams.

Junior OTL is the same game, just modified slightly. For example :In the peewee division co-ed play is allowed, the lines are shortened to 30 feet and players hit the ball off a tee. This gives the kids a chance to become familiar with the game and learn to hit and catch a ball on a smaller field. In both boys and girls 9-11 division the front line of the field is shortened to 45 feet. The older kids play on full size fields. The use of gloves is allowed to be used, except in the boys 18-20 divisions. All events have the format of a 4 to 5 team round robin play on an assigned court. The teams are “seeded” into a single elimination bracket to play off for trophies.

The most important element of the Junior OTL is the friendships that are created in playing the game. The kids are encouraged to score their own game, which teaches good sportsmanship and responsibility. The parents are encouraged to come out and watch the kids having fun playing OTL.

If your child has never played this game, we would encourage you to become involved in this very uplifting program.

See “Game Rules” for more info.

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Calendar of events for the 2017 Junior Over The Line® Season



June 18,  2017 OMBAC Jr. OTL Event – Fiesta Island Eventbrite - Junior Over The Line Tournament - June 2017
July 30,     2017 OMBAC Jr. OTL Event – Fiesta Island
August 13, 2017

August 27, 2017

48th Annual OMBAC World Championship Jr. Over The Line® Tournament – Fiesta Island

OMBAC Jr. OTL Event – Mariner’s Point




All events are at the Fiesta Island OTL area. For more info, please click here

Click here to view a waiver and release from liability form that parents must sign prior to their children participating in the OMBAC Jr. OTL.

See You All At the Beach,

Scott Valenti, Chairman

OMBAC World Championship Jr. Over the Line® Committee

For more info, email Scott Valenti ombacjuniorotl@gmail.com or the OTL Committee at otl@ombac.org


The World Championship Scholarship Committee was first discussed and established in 1990 under the leadership of Jim Vaughn and Will Laughlin. Originally, $1,000 was set aside from the OTL budget to fund two $500 scholarships each year. These were to go to deserving Junior OTL players from San Diego County and to be used post-high school.

In 1991, an increase of $4 was approved by the OMBAC Board of Directors to the fees paid by participants in the World Championship OTL Tourney and was to be dedicated to funding these scholarships. Over the years, private donors have contributed as well as the South Mission Beach Pavilion and the Circle of Champions.

The scholarship committee is currently under the leadership of Will Laughlin, Ron House and John Anderson. Several committee members assist Will, Ron and John in obtaining and screening the student/player applications and in presenting the awards at the students’ school award banquets in June each year.

The cash awards are issued to deserving Junior OTL players who have participated in Junior OTL tournaments. They must get recommendation letters and provide the committee with grade transcripts. The money may be used however the winner wishes as long as they enroll in a post-secondary college or training school.

Brian and Andrea McGiveron have been very instrumental in aiding the committee, and the scholarships are presented in the name of their son, Matthew, who was a great Junior OTL player and who died of drowning in 1990.