OMBAC Tournament

OMBAC “Spirit of the Beach” 4 on 4 Volleyball BeachFest
Beer, BBQ, Sand, Sun and FUN!

Next Volleyball Tournament:
September 9, 2017
Mariner’s Point on Mission Bay
@7:30am Games start @9:00am
(Please bring your registration form with you to check-in)

Players will be given some tokens for food and drink. Spectators pay to get in and can buy tokens.

21 & Older Only

$120 per 4 player team ($30 for each additional alternate)
$30 per player
$5  per spectator

After Sept 1
$140 per 4 player team ($35 for each additional alternate)
$35 per player
$5  per spectator


Please select an appropriate Bracket for your level of play. The Social Bracket is for beginners, players who normally do not play in tournaments. Our desire is to keep the tournament fun and fair for everyone, we want social/newer players to enjoy their experience.

The Mixed division has an additional Intermediate Bracket due to the large number of teams who enter this division. The Intermediate Bracket is for those teams who have 1-2 players who have played in other tournaments.

  •  MEN’S (need a pair)

    • COMPETITIVE (for all the marbles)
    • SOCIAL (for the fun of it, newer tournament players only please)
  • WOMEN’S (don’t have any)

    • COMPETITIVE (for all the marbles)
    • SOCIAL (for the fun of it, newer tournament players only please)
  •  MIXED (some do, some don’t)

    • COMPETITIVE (for all the marbles, 3 or more tournament players on team)
    • INTERMEDIATE (1 or 2 on a team, who play in other tournaments) (mixed division only)
    • SOCIAL (for the fun of it, newer tournament players only please)

If you are on a MIXED team but also want to play on a MENS or WOMENS team, your Mixed team must have at least 6 players and be able to field 4 players of the required sexes without you. This is in case both teams are playing at the same time, so neither team will need to forfeit. There will be no special consideration given to either team regarding play time or court assignment.

The Tournament is limited to the first 112 teams, don’t delay in signing up.

ALL skill levels from Master to Disaster are welcome!
*8 teams needed for each division.
You may sign-up as a Team or Alternate Player/Spectator.

There are no individual entries, you must be on a team or an alternate player on a team.

Don’t forget to get creative with your team uniforms! Prizes given for Best/Most creative team uniforms!

Online signups end September 6th at midnight. Mail in signups must be post marked by September 6 and will only be accepted if there are still team openings.

Remember only the first 112 teams are entered.

PAY ONLINE or Download OMVOLLEY 2016 Entry Form Here

Eventbrite - OMBAC Volleyball Tournament 2017

(advance discount available via online registration)

Registering online allows you to make your payment via credit/debit card. For those paying via check please download, print and complete the registration/entry form below and mail it in with your registration fee (address is on the entry form) in advance of the event. Mailed in payments/entries must be postmarked no later than Tuesday Sept. 6, 2016.

For more information please contact:


1.      PLAY, based on AVP rules with some exceptions.

2.      PLAYERS, must have 4 players on the court during play, mixed teams must have mixed female/male on court during play.  All players must have a player wristband to play, not spectator wristband.

3.      SCORES, a player from each team must go together to bracket board and report score after each game, even during pool play.

4.      SUBSTITUTIONS, during rotation only, once in, a player must stay for a complete rotation.

5.      ROTATION, players must rotate positions after acquiring serve.

6.      SCORING, rally scoring, win by 2, no cap.

7.      SERVE, let serve (net ball) ball in play.

8.      SERVE RETURN, closed hand, open hand-set only-requires second hit.

9.      HIT, ball must be cleanly hit, not held, lifted, pushed, carrier or thrown.

10.   TIME OUTS, 2 per game.

11.   CHANGE SIDES, every 7 points (21 point games) or 5 points (15 point games).

12.   POOL PLAY, play each team assigned to court once, winning team(s) on court progresses to tournament play, previous loosing team keeps score for next teams’ game unless designated otherwise on pool play card.  Scoring to 21.  Report score to bracket board after each game.

13.   TOURNAMENT PLAY, best of 3 games, 2 games to 21, 3rd game if needed to 15, win by 2, no cap, non-playing team act as scorekeeper.

14.    UNSPORTSMAN LIKE CONDUCT, player will be warned once, 2nd violation banned from play remainder of tournament.

15.    DELAY OF GAME, once assigned to a court or rotation, team must be ready to begin play within 5 minutes, after 10 minutes team forfeits game.  Also forfeit 5 minutes after announced via P.A.




*Copy of VOLLEYBALL rules will be available the day of the tournament at the sign-in desk

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