2021World Championship Over-The-LineĀ® Tournament Results

Mens’ Divisions

Men’s Open

1st-Haven Labs Aaron Boatwright Billy Bright Riley Regala
2nd-Valley Farm Market Mike Ham Taylor Earle Justin Hargrove
3rd-John’s Automotive BxB Mark Sherman John “Red” Atkins Jeremy “Puma” Ives
4th-Lococo Pool and Spa John Lococo Codie Simmons Garrett Gandofo
Steve Simon Memorial Sportsmanship Award Dave Greer
Tree Memorial MVP Aaron Boatwright


1st-Bomber Industries David Puckett Mark Wright Justin Klein
2nd-LinkSoul Mile McAlister Lance Laxson Brian Bazzel
3rd-Flav Jason Firsich Drew Voight Anthony Lococo
David Rico Memorial Sportsmanship Award Justin Klein


1st-Johns Auto/Grand Ole BBQ Jeff Briggs Danny Watson Brian Simmons
2nd-Law Offices of Mike Wright Shane West Jeff Floodberg Eric Miller
3rd-Matte Grey Sportswear/Resident Brewing Kevin “Tomahawk” Cote Bill Cooper Greg Grace
Pops Matson Memorial Sportsmanship Award John Eppstein


1st-JBS Auctions Steve Tarantino Tom Dobyns Kenny Miner
2nd-GI Gila Innovations Frank Young Mike Lemon Danny Powel
3rd-Sweetheart Properties John Holbrook Al Herald
Pell Mel Kirsner Memorial Sportsmanship Award Paul Contreras


1st-Darkhorse Shawn Nepo Dale Olson Lionel Silva
2nd-Who Were Those Masked Men Dan Wayne Dale Jarrett Don Palmer
Ron Paris Memorial Sportsmanship Award Dan Wayne


1st-Matte Grey Silver Tom Whelan Carl Taylor Duane Bazzel
2nd-Slippery When Wet Barry McKinley Jerry Wilson Malcolm “Paco” Fitzurka

Womens’ Divisions

Women’s Open

1st-Valley Farms Kelsey Earle Lisa Franklin Ashley Manriquez
2nd-Beachcomber Lauren Segars Bonnie Hargrove Jenny Mays
3rd-Johns Automotive SWT Stephanie Watson Alyssa Dronenburg Taryn Casillas
Rose Teeple Memorial Sportsmanship Award Bonnie Hargrove
Casillas Memorial MVP Ashley Manriquez


1st-Johns Automotive Care – JAC Tamara Piland Tess Franklin Amy Booth
2nd-LOMW Lisa McGowan Beth Albritton Alyssa Weiss
Lori Wright Memorial Sportsmanship Award Dana Sorrenson


!st-Give Me Good and Plenty Maureen Kobrin Tammy Eggleston Margaret “Margi” Thomas
2nd-Fondle My Reese’s Pieces Kim Jensen Monica Sanches Debbi Morgan
Louise Williams Memorial Sportsmanship Award Donnalee Hicks Lona Andrews Spirit of the Beach Award Judy Alden