OMBAC World Championship Junior Over-The-Line® Scholarship Fund

The World Championship Junior Over-The-Line® Scholarship Committee was first discussed and established in 1990 under the leadership of Jim Vaughn and Will Laughlin. Originally, $1,000 was set aside from the OTL budget to fund two $500 scholarships each year. These were to go to deserving World Championship Junior Over-The-Line® players from San Diego County and to be used post-high school.

In 1991, an increase of $4 was approved by the OMBAC Board of Directors to the fees paid by participants in the World Championship Over-The-Line® Tourney and was to be dedicated to funding these scholarships. Over the years, private donors have contributed as well as the South Mission Beach Pavilion and the Circle of Champions.

The scholarship committee is currently under the leadership of Will Laughlin, Ron House and John Anderson. Several committee members assist Will, Ron and John in obtaining and screening the student/player applications and in presenting the awards at the students’ school award banquets in June each year.

The cash awards are issued to deserving Junior OTL players who have participated in World Championship Junior Over-The-Line® tournaments. They must get recommendation letters and provide the committee with grade transcripts. The money may be used however the winner wishes as long as they enroll in a post-secondary college or training school.

Brian and Andrea McGiveron have been very instrumental in aiding the committee, and the scholarships are presented in the name of their son, Matthew, who was a great World Championship Junior Over-The-Line® player and who died of drowning in 1990.