Come join the FUN!!!

The Ms. Emerson title is a highly sought-after role as she embodies the San Diego beach spirit: fun, confident, outgoing, strong, and charitable. Despite popular belief, this role is not attained by just a beach attire contest. Today, Ms. Emerson is an all-encompassing public figure who is a spokesperson and ambassador for the largest non-profit Southern California club, totaling 440 members. OMBAC started in 1954 with the goal to have fun. Since then, the club has raised millions of dollars by organizing fun outdoor community events located at the beach. Throughout the years, OMBAC has donated all the funds directly back to the San Diego Community.

Ms. Emerson and her court volunteer all year, focusing on fundraising events that benefit young athletes, physically challenged athletes, cancer research, and wounded U.S. Veterans just to name a few. Although fun, this role takes a lot of work. Ms. Emerson must be articulate, intelligent, confident, and at least 21 years of age. She must possess a good sense of humor and a positive attitude. These qualities are helpful for 7 am TV interviews! Ms. Emerson must be able to interface with OMBAC members, event participants, public officials, and the general public.

If you or a friend are interested in being Ms. Emerson stop by the Ms. Emerson lounge during the first weekend of the annual Over-The-Line Tournament to sign up or email us with your Name, Age (21+), and Contact information:

The winner will be elected by the voting members of the Ms. Emerson Committee on the second Saturday of OTL to begin her exciting and rewarding year.  After her one-year term, she is always welcome to return to OMBAC meetings and events. Once you are a Ms. Emerson, you are a Ms. Emerson for life!