Over The Line
Free Bus Shuttle Information

OMBAC shuttle buses are available for your use on the first Saturday, Sunday and the second Saturday (no buses on the second Sunday).

There are three stops where you can board one of the buses that will bring you to the Over The Line tournament.
(click on locations below for Google Maps)

  1. Friars Road (beneath the Morena BLVD overpass) at the Linda Vista trolley stop parking lot.
  2. The Bonita Cove parking lot on West Mission Bay Drive, across from the Bahia Hotel.
  3. The parking lot on the north corner of Fiesta Island Drive and East Mission Bay Drive at the entrance to Fiesta Island.

Buses start running at 6:30AM coming to the tournament from the three stops above. Pickups will stop at 3PM. If you’re not on the island by then, you don’t need to be here. If you rode a bus onto the island, the buses will continue to take you off of the island and back to the stops until the end of the games that day.

These shuttle buses are free for you to use but please remember that OMBAC foots the bill for them so please don’t trash the buses while you’re having your fun. If you mess up a bus, we have to pay for it which means that less money goes back into your community. Don’t be the one responsible for that!

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the day, be safe – most of all, enjoy the tournament!