OTL – RV and Paid Parking Info



We accept new reservations only after March 1st, 2017, when we know how many spaces are available

New for 2017 – Price of each RV spot is $300

IMPORTANT – Before sending a check you must send an email to rvparking@ombac.org to verify there are spots available.


Only CHECKS will be accepted as a form of payment.

Make all checks payable to: “OMBAC RV” Do NOT send cash. Please put last year’s RV spot number on your check! If you send cash your reservation will NOT be accepted!

Additionally, only checks will be accepted at OTL for reservations for the next year. Bring your checkbook. If you only have cash we will not reserve your spot.

If you prepaid your reservation fee last year (and we know who you are), please mail a check for $150 per spot to the P.O. Box listed below between Feb 1st to Feb 21st, 2017. If it has a postmark before or after that date, you lose your spot or spots. Remember: NO EXCEPTIONS!

Don’t send your friend’s check – they didn’t make the reservation; we won’t have their name on the list. Reservations are non-transferable.

Make checks payable to “OMBAC RV

Put your space #s on the check. Please put your phone number on the check. Reminder notices will not be sent out.

Your money will not be refunded. The RV guy doesn’t have a checkbook.


PO Box 19663
San Diego, CA 92159

RV STAFF EMAIL ADDRESS (no dumbs__t questions)


We try very hard to accommodate all our OTL friends. We appreciate your cooperation and continued support of the OTL.

Thank you

Mike Herritt
OMBAC RV Committee

RV Rules and Regulations

City Of San Diego Laws And Rules For All Users Attending And Parking On Fiesta Island.

Alcohol rules and restrictions will be subject to the City of San Diego Special Event Permit process.

Gate opens at 7:00 am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Gate closes at 9:00 pm. No vehicles in or out after 9:00 NO EXCEPTIONS.

All vehicles must be out of lot by 9:00 pm Sunday or they will be towed.

All vehicles must be in your assigned space. Any vehicle in fire lane, unassigned space or without parking pass in window will be towed.

Your space is 17”X 33”. No tents or cars on beach in front of your space.

No Fireworks.

No open fires except in fire rings. No pallets.

No golf carts, ATV’s or mini bikes.

Quiet Time will be enforced from Midnight to 6:00 AM.

Keep your RV spot Clean!

If you or your Guests break these rules you will be asked to leave & lose your RV spot.

You must reserve your spot for the following year when you check in. If you don’t you lose your spot!

No reselling of your RV spot. If you cannot use your spot it must be returned to OMBAC.

Rules for the consumption of Alcohol will be given either verbally or in writing to each vehicle upon entrance to the RV Parking area.

You may be cited by the San Diego Police Department and will be asked to leave for failure to follow the above regulations.



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