2022 Over the Line World Championships Sign Ups

5/2 – Out of Town Captains will receive email with the link and code to sign up

*There are limited Saturday spots for Out of Town teams, get signed up quick

5/7 – In Person Sign Ups at the Beachcomber and Pennant

* This is the best way to get the date to play you prefer

5/10 – Online signups open to the public

69th Annual Over the Line World Championships Signups (Click Here)

* Playing opportunities for Saturday are limited

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The 2020 Over-The-Line Program is available for viewing online

We might not be having a World Championship Over-The-Line tournament this year (thanks COVID-19) but we have a program. This year it is an online program. The program features the results from the 2019 tournament, photos and our sponsors. Check it out


69th Annual World Championship Over-The-Line®
July 2022


OMBAC would like to remind everyone to come to OTL and enjoy the tournament safely and responsibly. Please, DO NOT BRING ANY GLASS CONTAINERS.

Games start at 7:30 AM promptly and continue until dark on both weekends of OTL. Refer to your confirmation card for start date/time.

First weekend games are three innings only. 2nd weekend games are four innings. Men’s Open final Sunday will have a time limit imposed.

Double-elimination for all teams in all 10 divisions


Division Start Date Start Time (*tbd)
Men’s Open Sat 7/9 7:30 AM
Women’s Open Sat 7/9 11:00 AM
Men’s Century Sat 7/9 9:00 AM
Women’s CAMilf Sat 7/16 12:00 PM
Men’s Canardly Sat 7/9 10:00 AM
Men’s Cannever Sat 7/16 7:30 AM
Men’s Cadaver Sat 7/16 12:00 PM
Men’s Camummy Sun 7/17 7:30 AM
Women’s Caneasy Sun 7/17 Who knows, they decide
for themselves

Over The Line is a public event and requires no ticket or entrance fee to watch the games and enjoy the tournament.

The following rules will be strictly enforced:

The No “B”s: No Bottles, No Bicycles, No Bowzers (dogs), No Babies, No Boas, No Bad Attitudes, No Battles (fighting)
(OTL is a public event, however, it is not appropriate/safe for children due to crowds, bat & ball related games and language)

Alcohol rules and restrictions will exactly the same as previous years’ OTL tournaments

Public displays of nudity or violations of San Diego Municipal Code (Section 56.53) are illegal and will not be tolerated.

Bicycle Rules

Bikes are not permitted within the dunes, so be smart to bike and store your bike at the bike racks! OMBAC is not responsible for your bikes, so lock them up.

(Bikes must be Picked up each day)

2022 OTL Art Contest

Do you have artistic talents? Win $1,000 for your design and it will be used at next year’s tournament. Download the details. Due date for 2022 artwork submissions is Dec 31, 2021.

2022 OTL Art Contest Form (available soon)

2022 OTL RV and Parking Info

RV Parking signups are now available. Please go to OMBAC RV and Paid Parking for more info.

Do you or your business want to advertise in the 2022 OTL program? Ad submission forms for the 2022 OTL program will be available online starting March 1, 2022.
2022 Ad Form

Official OTL Bats




Premium Wood Softball Bats

Phoenix Bats – www.phoenixbats.com/

Sanjo Sports Bats – www.sanjosports.com/

Superior A Bats – www.promaplebats.com/

Many Thanks to some of OTL’s Sponsors!

Ballast Point

Cutwater Spirits

Second Chance Beer Company

Blue Chair Bay Rum

Dos Desperados Brewery

2021 World Championship Over-The-Line® Tournament Results

Mens open

1st-Haven Labs Aaron Boatwright Billy Bright Riley Regala
2nd-Valley Farm Market Mike Ham Taylor Earle Justin Hargrove
3rd-John’s Automotive BxB Mark Sherman John “Red” Atkins Jeremy “Puma” Ives
4th-Lococo Pool and Spa John Lococo Codie Simmons Garrett Gandofo
Steve Simon Memorial Sportsmanship Award Dave Greer
Tree Memorial MVP Aaron Boatwright


1st-Bomber Industries David Puckett Mark Wright Justin Klein
2nd-LinkSoul Mile McAlister Lance Laxson Brian Bazzel
3rd-Flav Jason Firsich Drew Voight Anthony Lococo
David Rico Memorial Sportsmanship Award Justin Klein


1st-Johns Auto/Grand Ole BBQ Jeff Briggs Danny Watson Brian Simmons
2nd-Law Offices of Mike Wright Shane West Jeff Floodberg Eric Miller
3rd-Matte Grey Sportswear/Resident Brewing Kevin “Tomahawk” Cote Bill Cooper Greg Grace
Pops Matson Memorial Sportsmanship Award John Eppstein


1st-JBS Auctions Steve Tarantino Tom Dobyns Kenny Miner
2nd-GI Gila Innovations Frank Young Mike Lemon Danny Powel
3rd-Sweetheart Properties John Holbrook Al Herald Greg Gordon
Pell Mel Kirsner Memorial Sportsmanship Award Paul Contreras


1st-Darkhorse Shawn Nepo Dale Olson Lionel Silva
2nd-Who Were Those Masked Men Dan Wayne Dale Jarrett Don Palmer
Ron Paris Memorial Sportsmanship Award Dan Wayne


1st-Matte Grey Silver Tom Whelan Carl Taylor Duane Bazzel
2nd-Slippery When Wet Barry McKinley Jerry Wilson Malcolm “Paco” Fitzurka

Women’s Open

1st-Valley Farms Kelsey Earle Lisa Franklin Ashley Manriquez
2nd-Beachcomber Lauren Segars Bonnie Hargrove Jenny Mays
3rd-Johns Automotive SWT Stephanie Watson Alyssa Dronenburg Taryn Casillas
Rose Teeple Memorial Sportsmanship Award Bonnie Hargrove
Casillas Memorial MVP Ashley Manriquez


1st-Johns Automotive Care – JAC Tamara Piland Tess Franklin Amy Booth
2nd-LOMW Lisa McGowan Beth Albritton Alyssa Weiss
Lori Wright Memorial Sportsmanship Award Dana Sorrenson


!st-Give Me Good and Plenty Maureen Kobrin Tammy Eggleston Margaret “Margi” Thomas
2nd-Fondle My Reese’s Pieces Kim Jensen Monica Sanches Debbi Morgan
Louise Williams Memorial Sportsmanship Award Donnalee Hicks Lona Andrews Spirit of the Beach Award Judy Alden
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