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2019 World Championship Over-The-Line® Tournament Results

Mens open

1st-Valley Farms Michael Ham Justin Hargrove Taylor Earle
2nd-John’s Automotive BxB Marc Sherman Jon Red Atkins Jeremy Puma Ives
3rd-John’s Automotive Care Jeff Briggs Chris Richard Eric Barlow
4th-Pete’s Place Dylan Robles Dustin Kaplan Sean Matson
5th-Sanjo Sports Kyle portlock Richard Johnson Gary Jacobi Jr
6th-Cougars Wanted Nolan Petersen Chad Winter Jimmy Thomas
7th-Tiewraps Nation Derek Young Troy Cruz Steve Shea
8th-Mothers Saloon Tim Atkins Chris Ramirez Wes Osteen


1st-Matte Grey Sportswear Travis Johnson Warren Trott Jaime Altman
2nd-LinkSoul Mile McAlister Lance Laxson Brian Bazzel
3rd-Sanjo Sports Jason Enomoto Marcus Endo Jyo Enomoto
4th-Flav Jason Firsich Drew Voight Anthony Lococo
5th-Cockstar Racing Canadian Mexican Trevor Swank Mike Miller Jeremy Laub
6th-3 Bats 6 Balls Brian McClendon Dave Gunn Kevin Kriese


1st-Keep Rhinos Horny GFC Kevin Tomahawk Cote Greg Grace Dennis Navarro
2nd-Beachcomber Top Shelf Adam Gutierrez Tom Dobyns Eric Miller
3rd-Beachcomber/Hill Kid Don Palmer Bob Ruane Keith Mullin
4th-JRP @ The Comber John Boy Portlock Rusty Pool James Watson
5th-Resident Brewing/LOMW Shane West Bill Cooper Jeff Floodberg
6th-Pacific Fire Systems Darien Moran TJ O’Neil Keith Rat Esser


1st-Sweetheart Properties John Holbrook Al Herald Greg Gordon
2nd-Hit to Win Dave Cherry Rob Stillman Dennis Christiansen
3rd-Matte Grey Masters Mike Fillat Paul Contreras Jim Ledford
4th-3 County Express Jeff Ostby Jon Chico Esguerra Frank Jesolva
9th-The Local Patrick Vaughan Ken Myers Gary Rogers


1st-Brennan’s Dave Brennan Al Hamilton Scott Ruby Drew Barker
2nd-A Buc, A Colt & A Card Mark Grogg Randy Johnson Billy Bright
3rd-Darkhorse Shawn Nepo Dale Olson Dale Jarrett


1st-Matte Grey Sportswear Tom Whelan Carl Taylor Glen Shoemaker Duane Bazzel
2nd-Los Viejos Butch Higgins Steve Miner Rob Quarry

Women’s Open

1st-Valley Farms Whitney Benjamin Kelsey Earle Ashley Manriquez
2nd-Tie Wraps Nation Alyssa Dronenburg Lisa Franklin Janet Engleman
3rd-Hayes Bolt Stef Olow Marisa Tirri Dewey Fleet
4th-John’s Automotive Care Stephanie Watson Kim Kaye Whitney Burns
5th-Heather Grey Sportswear Ashley Johnson Ashley Bennett Alyssa Silva
6th-Beachcomber Lauren Segars Bonnie Hargrove Kayla Kelly


1st-LOMW Lisa McGowan Alissa Weiss Beth Albritton
2nd-Never Moist Char Falkner Angie Moore Carolyn Fisher
3rd-STP Bar & Grill Kim Romano Tess Franklin Mandy Navarro


!st-Mt Dew Me Cindy Palmer Linda Haar Ann Jette
2nd-Silk Panty Shay Mahoney Hollye Jones Caroline Likins
3rd-Sloe Comfortable Screw

The Old Mission Beach Rats sponsored volleyball tournaments that soon needed better organization to compete for playing dates with Los Angeles beaches. So, in 1954, the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club was born. The original membership was less than twenty and the annual dues were the same for over forty years.OMBAC HISTORY

OMBAC’s official beginning was 1954, but its roots sprouted years before. From friendships of the late 30s, 40s and early 50s, the spirit and attitude of OMBAC evolved in Old Mission Beach. The common denominator was a strong desire for having fun!

OMBAC sponsored volleyball events, coached youth flag football, had its first Coming Out Party and Over-The-Line Tournament. All was good until 1958 when the Old Mission parking lot closed, the lifeguard station moved, and members had no central meeting place. The Club drifted apart until a new location was established in South Mission.

In 1964, the Club reorganized and a new vitality and determination was kindled. The Over-The-Line Tournament had survived because of a few die-hards.

Presently, OMBAC is a San Diego, California based 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization with 440 members. OMBAC continues to enjoy the respect and admiration of the community. Focused on serving amateur sports and youth athletics OMBAC enjoys unmatched leadership. If not for the dedication of its members and the unselfish gift of their time, OMBAC would no longer exist.