OMBAC / Old Mission Beach Athletic Club owns and protects the following registered trademarks:

  • “Old Mission Beach Athletic Club®
  • “OMBAC®
  • “OTL®
  • “Over-the-Line®
  • “World Championship Over-the-Line®
  • The “OMBAC man®” graphic, also known as CABMO

Use of any of these trademarks on-line or in print (flyers, posters, e-mails, websites, etc.) requires the execution of a license agreement with OMBAC and a fee of $25. This agreement also requires that each display of an OMBAC registered trademark include the ® symbol. You may reduce the ® to a size that will be visible, but not a distraction, if used on a graphic for a logo advertising your event.

Please fill out the license agreement at the link below and send it along a check for $25, payable to OMBAC, to the address indicated on the agreement. Note that this agreement is valid for only one event (unless otherwise agreed to with OMBAC). And, any future events that are advertised with any of our registered trademarks require an additional licensing form and fee.

Download and complete this Licensing Agreement