OMBAC Fire Department

Old Mission Beach Athletic Club owns an antique fire truck and has fully restored them for use in parades and other civic or charity events.

This is NOT an in-service fire truck. They cannot respond to fires and neither can the old geezers that drive them.

OMBAC’s Fire Engine is an ongoing work of love for our geezer member contingent. We had to find something the elders could work on that is older than they are!!

1923 Seagrave Fire Truck

The pride and joy of OMBAC is the 1923 Seagrave Fire Truck which OMBAC members completely restored. This fire truck was torn down to the frame and put back together by the OMhose Fire Department headed up by Frank Munson and crew. The fire engine was built for use in Los Angeles and is serial number 19. Those responsible for the restoration are: Frank and Tom Munson, Buffy Wagner, Captain Suzy, Terry Curren, Pell Mell, Ken Alden, Brian McGiveron, Smokey Wilson, and Fred Thompson. The task took one year to complete and, as you can see in the pictures, was well worth it.