Ms. Emerson  2021 Elyssa Xavier

Yeah, they’re not having any fun being Emerson’s…nope, no fun at all.

Please join the Ms. Emerson’s in their effort to raise money and awareness for breast cancer treatment by playing in OMDRAW, a women’s OTL tournament at Fiesta Island on October 12th. 

OMDRAW Registration

Interested in being a Ms. Emerson contestant?

If you or a friend are interested in being Ms. Emerson, email us your Name, Age (21+), and Contact information: or stop by the Ms. Emerson lounge during the first weekend of the annual Over-The-Line Tournament to sign up.

Contest Information

The Ms. Emerson contest is a long-standing tradition with Old Mission Beach Athletic Club and the Over The Line tournament and every year at the contest we have past Ms. Emerson winners that attend for nostalgia and to see who will be the next Ms. Emerson to be crowned.

The winner will be elected by the voting members of the Ms. Emerson Committee on the second Saturday of OTL to begin her exciting and rewarding year.  After the one-year term, she is always welcome to return to OMBAC meetings and events. Once you are a Ms. Emerson, you are a Ms. Emerson for life!

The Ms. Emerson contest is a legitimate contest and does not involve or tolerate any lewd or inappropriate behavior from contestants, staff, or tournament attendees.