Official Over The Line Rules





    Three players per team – substitutes allowed if player has not played for any other team.  A replaced player may not re-enter the same game.  He may play in subsequent games.


    Bat from home.  Teammate pitches from anywhere in front of “THE LINE” or its extensions.  One foot of batter must be behind apex of the triangle (marked ☆).


    Fielders may play anywhere past “THE LINE” or its extensions.

4.  HITS

    A) Ball hit into fair territory on the fly without being caught by fielders.
    B) Any ball touched and dropped by fielders.
    C) Fielders crossing “THE LINE” or its extensions when attempting to catch ball (see Rule 12).


    Any ball hit PAST the last man in fair territory on the fly without him touching it.  The ball only has to go past him, not necessarily over his head.

6.  OUTS

    A) Two foul balls (see Rule 7)
    B) One Strike
    C) Fly balls caught by fielders
    D) Ball hitting “THE LINE”, lines that make up the “pie”, or landing in the “pie”
    E) Ball touched or dropped by batter or pitcher (see Rule 13A).  Foul tips that hit batter and land in foul territory are foul.
    F) Batting out of turn
    G) Pitcher crossing “THE LINE” after hit ball (see Rule 12)
    H) Using a disqualified bat
    I)  Not having one foot behind the apex of the triangle (marked ☆) when batting.  (See Rule 2).


    A) Any ball landing outside of “pie”, “fair” area or hitting foul line.
    B) Any taken pitch.
    C) Any false pitch or “Balk”.


    A) Three hits in an inning scores one run. Each additional hit in the same inning scores one more run.  Home runs “Clear the Bases”.
    B) Intentional throwing of the bat is a three-run penalty (Officials’ decision).


    A) Regulation games:  On the first weekend of play, games will be three innings.  On the second weekend of play, games will be four innings.   The Over-The-Line Committee reserves the right to decrease the number of innings played to facilitate the completion of tournament play in a timely manner.
    C)  If tied at the end of regulation play, one  additional inning will be played to break the tie.  If the game is still tied after that inning, play additional inning.
    D) If still tied on runs after two additional innings, the team with the most hits wins.  If teams are tied with the same runs and hits after two additional innings, play additional innings until either team breaks the tie with runs or hits.  Runs take precedence in this situation.
    E) If at the end of any inning a team has an 11 or more run lead, the game is over.

    A) Winning team (all three members) will be the officials for the next game on the same court. Captain of the winning team will be responsible for keeping track of the game ball.
    B) Start the games within five minutes after completion of previous game.  Any team not ready to play will forfeit; any exceptions will be at the discretion of the OTL committee.
    C) “One” of  the “Three” players  on  the winning team shall turn in the scorecard to the announcers stand in a timely fashion while the other “two” will score keep the next game.


    A) No gloves to be used for fielding except  in women’s divisions.  Taping of hands and fingers permissible if no padding is used.  Golf gloves may be used for batting.
    B) Only wooden Official Softball bats, maximum 2 ¼” in diameter allowed, or wooden Official Little League bats, maximum 2 ¼” in diameter allowed.  Any X Bat and/or Louisville Slugger “Chicago 16″ (or similar big-barrel bats) are not allowed  (See Rule 6H).
    C) No baseball, oversized, or painted wooden bats allowed.  Penalties for bat infractions shall be at the discretion of the Over-The-Line Committee (See Rule 6H).
    D) Official OTL balls will be used.  Balls will be furnished by the tournament directors.


    A) At no time may players cross from one side of the “LINE” or its extensions, to the other when catching or attempting to catch a hit ball.
    B) To avoid penalty, you must make a definite stop before crossing the line. If you catch the ball and your momentum carries you into or across the line, it is a penalty.  (See Rule 4C and 6G).


    A) A batted ball caught on the fly by either the batter or pitcher counts as a “No Pitch”.
    B) You must have a full team (three players) to start a game.
    C) No warming up on playing courts. Begin games immediately.
    D) Rule violation complaints must be made BEFORE score sheet is turned in and is the losing team’s responsibility.
    E) Decisions of the Over-The-Line rules committee are final.