Frequently Asked Questions

I heard rumors that OTL is changed back to the traditional format and we can BYOB alcohol, is this true?

Yes. The City of San Diego has given us the same permit as always. Details can be found here.

Can people under 21 attend the OTL tournament?

Yes. OTL is all ages but we believe that it is not appropriate for people younger than 18 years old.

How long has OTL been going?

The 2023 tournament will be the 70th annual. The first OTL was held in 1954.

Do I need a ticket to come to OTL?

No. OTL is a public event. It is free to attend as a spectator. Teams and players have to register at OTL signups held the first weekend of May every year.

Me and my teammates were busy with (school / jail / living under a bridge) and we missed sign-ups. Can we still play?

Not a chance in hell. Watch the calendar next spring, follow OMBAC on Twitter or Facebook and show up at OTL Signups to register your team for next year’s tournament.  San Diego sign-ups are usually on the first Saturday of May.

Is there food and water available at the tournament?

Yes, of course. There are several stands operating in the OTL Playing Area that serve hot food (burgers, hot dogs, pizza, burritos, fish tacos) and cold drinks (sodas, water, energy drinks)

Sodas are nice and all but what about adult beverages?

We do have FLIPS open to the public and serving beer, cocktails and seltzers right in the middle of the playing area. The event is still BYOB if you don’t want to bring drinks down. Please do not bring any glass. The No Bottles “No Bs” rule. It is a safety hazard and you don’t want to be the one that caused someone to get cut on glass. Don’t be that guy or that girl.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes. Its BYOB. 

Can I come to the tournament and act like an idiot, start fights or break the law?

No. The tournament is well-staffed with OMBAC Redhats Staff, private security, and officers from the San Diego Police Department.